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Emergencies at all times

Sometimes, diseases of the heart give rise to serious symptoms so suddenly that there may be no time to make an appointment with us. We have therefore initiated an emergency out-patient service, which can be contacted Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. In cases of acute symptoms you may therefore visit our out-patient practice at the Andreas-Grüntzig-Haus without an appointment.

Our dedicated staff trained for emergencies will immediately perform all necessary examinations and initiate adequate treatment.

Please call:
0171 333 1096
at all times

Your Medical Care Center

“Cardiovascular disease seriously threatens our health, our well-being and our physical powers. It is our mission to recognize cardiovascular disease as early as possible and treat our patients to the best of current medical knowledge.”

Prof. Mathey, Prof. Schofer

At the Medical Care Center Prof. Mathey, Prof. Schofer we care for about 25000 patients annually who suffer from diseases of the heart and the arterial vessels.

Our physicians assess the type and severity of cardiovascular disease utilizing modern imaging techniques such as magnetic resonance tomography and multi-slice computed tomography next to conventional ultrasound and electrocardiographic diagnostics. Beyond that, an expert team of nine cardiologists and angiologists performs catheter interventions at the coronary arteries (supplying the heart) and carotid arteries (supplying the brain), as well as the pelvic and lower-extremity arteries supplying the legs.

The goal of catheter treatment is usually the widening or re-opening of severely obstructed or totally occluded arteries to re-establish sufficient blood flow to the organs supplied by them.

More complex procedures such as the implantation of prostheses (stents) into the aorta or the treatment of heart valve disease without open-heart surgery (mitral valve repair, aortic valve replacement) is performed by our physicians at our own facilities and in cooperation with our business associates at Asklepios.



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